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Our writing is highly opinionated and sometimes flavored with spicy language. We rely on Bookmarks from our Webmaster Directory and always "speak" from first hand experience. We refuse to turn a "blind eye" when we see illegal activity and or actions which are morally or ethically reprehensible.

Using Free Web Tools
QR Code Generation - Make your own QR Code for free

Web Site Promotion
Google PageRank Secrets & Tips
PowerPhlogger. A free counter for your web site

vBulletin Hack - Tips with Search Engine Secrets
How to Improve Your Rankings on Google
How to Optimize Your Website's Performance
Top Search Engine Optimization Tool

Acquiring a Website: Due Diligence - Look Before You Leap!
This series of articles and Webmaster Tips is deigned to be read in sequential order, starting with Step 1. Some of these tips and procedures will guarantee an informed decision and the ability to avoid the numerous hucksters and scam artists. Both "newbies" and "grizzly old veterans" will glean a new perspective of Commerce on the Internet and valuable tools.

How To Purchase or Sell a developed Web Site
Examine The Site - Step 1
The Whois Records - Step 2
Business Name - Traffic - Step 3

Webmaster Forum Research - Step 4

Google Search Engine Research - Step 5
• Keep Records - Step 6

• Go For It - Step 7

Site Design
The Psychology of Color and Internet Marketing

Site Building
How To Launch a Community with a Forum. Tips and mistakes to avoid
Moving Your Web Site To A New Web Host
DropDown Menu Using JavaScript
Building Community with vBulletin
Pick the Perfect Domain Name

Domain Names: Lease, Purchase, or Sell
This series of articles will discuss the appropriate precautions to take for finding "real deals" at Ebay, the necessary research, and the numerous "land mines" which you will encounter.
Pick the Perfect Domain Name

Affiliate Programs
Amazon Affiliate Program Product Feed Banner Script
Hiding your affiliate URL

Hosting: Virtual & Dedicated/Co-Location
The Host Connections website presents a series of articles that discuss the appropriate precautions to take when deciding on the right location for your website, how to select the right form of hosting, locating legitimate hosts, and the pros and cons associated with each style of website hosting that you are likely to encounter.


Top of Page. is a collection of tools for your web development needs and insightful articles and tips.